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Pennsylvania Man Arrested After Flying Confederate Flag

It likely comes as a surprise to Southerners that the Confederate Flag is revered by many in the same states that once squared off against it on the field of battle. But across the North, the flag has come to represent rural identity, and stubborn independence from over-reaching Federal policies. Much like popular country music, the flag has in many ways become as much a mark of rural identity as Southern identity.

So it would not have been surprising to most in the Southeastern Pennsylvania town of Columbia to see a pick-up truck adorned with the Confederate Flag.

But on Monday, when David Chohany visited a local pharmacy with his girlfriend’s daughter, a mob began surrounding his truck, objecting to the flag. Not wanting to fight, particularly with a child in his care, Chohany attempted to leave as the mob began hitting his truck. But he didn’t get far before the crowd grew and surrounded his truck, leaving him nowhere to go. Cellphone footage captured one member of the mob finally removing the flag and destroying it. Trapped, Chohany finally left the truck and brandished a knife in an attempt to disperse the crowd.

When police arrived soon after, Chohany’s relief was short lived. The crowd that had intimidated him and damaged his truck and destroyed his flag were let go, and he was arrested for brandishing the knife.

Read more of the story at FOX43.

What are your thoughts? Was Chohany rightfully arrested for brandishing a knife? Should the Confederate Flag not be flown in Union States?

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December 31 at 7:00pm
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