Archibald Gracie Camp #985
New York, N.Y.
6th Annual Cigar & Mint Julep Party
Join us in enjoying some of the finest fruits of Southern culture as we raise a glass to our gallant forebears on Saturday, June 1st! Tickets are $30.00 at the door!
Trap Shoot and Luncheon
Please join us for a Trap Shoot from the docks of the Manhasset Bay Yacht Club on Saturday, November 19th. Shooting will take place from noon until 2:00pm, with a private, catered luncheon following in the Yacht Club's Trophy Room.

Patrick McCullough1 November, 201624120
Why Is Confederate Memorial Day April 26th?
Florida and Georgia celebrate Confederate Memorial Day on the date that their States' forces surrendered. Their surrender came after Lee's, and ceded a larger army. So why has it been forgotten?

Patrick McCullough26 April, 201635270
The US President Who Became a Confederate
Did you know that a former US President was buried with full Confederate honors during the Civil War? The New York Times' obituary for him was less than glowing.

Patrick McCullough11 April, 201686110
Confederate Heritage Month: A Time for Sons
Now, as Sons, I believe we have a special duty to focus this month on our own sons, the next inheritors of our proud heritage, and the next Confederate ambassadors to the world. So I would implore you to make time this month to talk with your sons, and share with them their history.

Patrick McCullough6 April, 201616901
The Confederate Attack on Vermont
151 years ago today, a group of twenty-one Confederate Veterans who had been gradually slipping into a town near Vermont's border with Canada, St. Albans, launched their attack.

Admin19 October, 201516580
The Fort Warren Letter
Happy birthday to John Henninger Reagan. The Confederacy's Postmaster wrote a letter from federal prison to his fellow Texans with predictions that made him very unpopular... and then came true.

Admin8 October, 201520550
When Union Troops Saluted Confederates
General Joshua Chamberlain, one of the Union's greatest generals who was born on this day, praised the Confederates in terms that would shock most Americans today.

Admin8 September, 201524880
Statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis To Be Taken Down at UT
'Davis had few ties to Texas,' says UT President in explaining why the leader of Texas' Country for four years is to be taken down on campus.

Admin13 August, 201520811
Pennsylvania Man Arrested After Flying Confederate Flag
When his truck was surrounded by an angry crowd and the Confederate Flag flying from it removed and destroyed, the flag's owner wound up being arrested. You won't believe why.

Admin12 August, 201525035
The Man Who Was President for One Day
Considered by many to have been President of the United States for 1 Day, David Rice Atchison would go on to fight against the Country he technically led as a Confederate General.

Patrick McCullough11 August, 201520940
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