Archibald Gracie Camp #985
New York, N.Y.

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Show Your Confederate Pride!
April is Confederate Heritage Month, a great time to show your friends that you are not ashamed of your ancestors! What better way to do that than by updating your Facebook profile picture? Best of all, it's as easy as can be. Simply click the "Connect with Facebook" button below. You will be prompted to log into your Facebook account if you aren't already signed in. Then, you will be prompted to give permission to the NYCSCV app to access your account. You will also need to give the app permission to post to your profile. Don't worry, the app will NEVER post anything except your new profile picture!
Then, your new picture will immediately be created and posted to your feed so that all of your friends can see. You will then be prompted to confirm that you want to make the image your profile picture.

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Thank you for showing your Confederate Pride during Confederate Heritage Month! If you'd like to honor your ancestors all year round, the absolute best way to do that is by joining the Sons of Confederate Veterans! The Sons of Confederate Veterans was created by the Veterans themselves as they began to age and pass away, and their group, the United Confederate Veterans, began to dwindle. They knew that their efforts would have to be passed along to future generations. What efforts? Well, when officially forming the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Confederate Veteran Lt. General Stephen Dill Lee expressed it with this "Charge":

"To you, Sons of Confederate Veterans, we will commit the vindication of the cause for which we fought. To your strength will be given the defense of the Confederate soldier’s good name, the guardianship of his history, the emulation of his virtues, the perpetuation of those principles which he loved and which you love also, and those ideals which made him glorious and which you also cherish. Remember, it is your duty to see that the true history of the South is presented to future generations."

If you are willing to take up this mantle, you can find the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp closest to you, or fill out an application.

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Archibald Gracie Camp #985
New York, N.Y.
1-800-MY-DIXIE (1-800-693-4943)